Carpet Store in Arlington, TX

Carpet is a wonderful residential or commercial flooring choice for several reasons. First, a great noise absorber leads to quieter interiors as opposed to hardwood, tile or laminate. Secondly, it acts as an air filter to trap excess dust and dirt, and it’s easier to clean than other surfaces. Besides these pragmatic benefits, it also offers a stunning array of choices in colors and textures that you can’t get from other materials. These are some of the reasons why Metroplex Flooring Inc. offers carpet repair and installation in Arlington. We know you’ll love its beautiful look and luxurious feel, and our team of experts is ready to furnish your home or office with new carpet or fix problems with existing flooring. That’s why we’re not shy in saying that “All Roads Lead to Metroplex Flooring Inc.”

We Offer Repair and Maintenance Services

With proper upkeep, your carpet can last for 10 years or more. However, accidents happen. Your furry, faithful friends might make a mess that you can’t quite clean up, or you could end up with permanent stains from wine, coffee or other kinds of food and drink. Other possible problems include rips, holes and damaged seams that will eventually need the attention of an expert. Whether you need to deal with pet damage, stains, rips or seam repair, the staff of Metroplex Flooring Inc. is ready with affordable services that keep your rug looking great.

Serving The Greater DFW Metroplex

With over 50 years of experience, Metroplex Flooring Inc. has provided superior quality products and installation, including gorgeous wood flooring that stands up vigorously to repeated wear and tear. We undersell those that can’t be undersold! Call us today at 817-557-1800 for beautiful new floors in Arlington, Fort Worth or Mansfield.