Granite and Marble Countertops in Arlington, Texas

Countertops are a staple in both your bathroom and kitchen, but you have a few important things to consider before you buy. Selecting the right size, style and materials is a critical part of your decision. Thankfully, Metroplex Flooring Inc. in Arlington is here to help you. We’re not only a leading countertop contractor in the area, but we also provide sound advice on which varieties to choose. Those are just a couple of reasons why we like to say “All Roads Lead to Metroplex Flooring Inc.”

Choose the Remodeling Materials You Want for Your Home or Business

You might feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available to you. However, you can count on our expertise to help you select the right ones. We love solid surface varieties such as Avonite, Hi-Macs and Corian, which are made from nonporous materials that resist moisture and are easy to clean. Laminate choices such as Wilson Art and Formica provide a great combination of durability and good looks. Granite and quartz offer an unmatched yet sophisticated natural beauty that lasts for generations, while soapstone is resistant to common sources of damage such as acid, heat and stains. Cultured marble is a sturdy material that doesn’t require much maintenance and lends a classically beautiful look to most rooms. Copper, stainless steel and glass each offer a distinct look and don’t allow bacteria to breed, while concrete is nearly indestructible. Finally, wood is resilient and has the unique ability to be sanded down in worn or distressed spots.

Serving The Greater DFW Metroplex

If you remember nothing else about Metroplex Flooring Inc., remember this: “We undersell those that can’t be undersold!” That’s why it makes sense to choose us for flooring, counters and

home renovation in Arlington, Mansfield and Fort Worth. Call us today at 817-557-1800.