Tile Flooring Store in Arlington

Beautiful flooring upgrades in your home not only improve its looks but also increase its value. While making a choice between materials might be difficult, it’s important to consider each one’s benefits before finalizing installation. Areas where there tends to be a lot of moisture or where spills might be common are good choices for tile flooring. For example, bathroom tile can both look stunning and stand up to years of water exposure. Not only that, but it also offers many opportunities for customization, with some varieties lending themselves to mixing and matching. As ceramic tile contractors in the Arlington area with over 50 years of experience, Metroplex Flooring Inc. is proud to offer it for your kitchen, bathroom or any other area in your home.

Our Options Include Glass, Porcelain, Ceramic, Marble and More

Metroplex Flooring Inc. offers a stunning array of colors and styles to beautify and protect any area in your home. Upgrade your bathroom or kitchen floors, as well as backsplash areas, with superior quality materials designed for both looks and durability. Glass tile is an ecologically sound option that comes in vivid hues and gorgeous finishes. Porcelain is dense, resistant to scratching and can be fabricated to mimic the appearance of stone. Ceramic is easy to keep clean and maintains a cooler temperature, which may contribute in a small way to lowering the cost of cooling your home. Finally, travertine and marble are extremely rugged and can instantly lend sophistication to any space. No matter which version you select, your new floor is designed to last for the lifetime of your home.

Serving The Greater DFW Metroplex

We like to say that “All Roads Lead to Metroplex Flooring Inc.” We’re not just a store that offers quality floor materials and installation, but we’re also a countertop contractor in the Arlington, Mansfield and Fort Worth areas. To give your home interiors an update, call us today at 817-557-1800. We undersell those that can’t be undersold!