Hardwood Flooring Store for Homes and Businesses in Arlington

When correctly installed and maintained, wood flooring can last a lifetime. At the very least, most versions last around 25 years with regular upkeep, giving you an enduring beauty that matches well with most home interior styles. However, for this kind of material to last, you first need quality hardwood flooring installation by an expert contractor. That’s where Metroplex Flooring Inc. comes in. For over 50 years, we’ve been a respected provider of superior flooring options in Arlington. Our team of professionals is dedicated to doing the job right the first time, and we don’t believe in shortcuts. Not only that, but our technicians also specialize in repair and restoration to transform old, damaged or worn surfaces until they look like new again. With our attention to detail and commitment to customer service, you will find that “All Roads Lead to Metroplex Flooring Inc.”

We Also Offer a Variety of Laminate Flooring Options

For some people, wood floors may require more upkeep than they can handle. Thankfully, laminate is a versatile option that scores high in both durability and aesthetics. It consists of durable material that’s easy to maintain yet is capable of mimicking natural finishes such as wood or stone. Laminate floors are available in a range of styles from classic, simple designs to more exotic fashions. That’s why Metroplex Flooring Inc. is proud to offer it along with our other products.

Serving The Greater DFW Metroplex

If you’re looking for the elegance of wood, the luxuriousness of carpet or the durability of vinyl flooring, Metroplex Flooring Inc. offers many options for customers in Arlington, Fort Worth or Mansfield. We undersell those that can’t be undersold!
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